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Lessons For Life software offers a great English course. They understand how you are supposed to learn the language! I was annoyed at first because, in the software, both Thai and English subtitles are very small and I thought it was not practical at all. I, then realized, that you are not supposed to read the subtitle in the first place!! This is a great way to get your ears used to the language and practice your listening skills. The subtitle can be easily expanded with a SINGLE click but it would take up half of your screen as you are NOT supposed to read it while you learn – only read subtitle when you have a word/sentence you really can’t understand.

To be honest, the design is a little bit old school but it doesn’t bother me at all because 1) the software is well organized, very easy to use 2) The explanation for each lesson is easy to follow and understand. (Important!) The exercises in each lesson also help me a lot to fully understand everything.

One last thing that impress me is the fact that they offer full Thai language support which makes every single step so simple. This is impressive and it shows that they care. I just love this!