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Lessons for Life - Practical English Conversation

Ages 10 to Adult


Format options:

- US$100 - Digital Download
Download size: 670MB
Download time: 10 minutes - 2 hours on broadband
Download info: Once your order is processed, you will be sent an email
within 1-24 hours containing the required information on how to download.

- US$125 - USB Flash Drive



Lessons for Life - Practical English Grammar - ESL Grammar lessonsLEARN THE NATURAL WAY

Have you ever wondered how very young children are able to learn a new language so quickly and easily? One thing is for sure: they don't need books and teachers to do it. They
learn the NATURAL way, by watching, listening, and repeating. All they need is a desire to learn and an environment that is rich in language use.

At LESSONS FOR LIFE, we use these same natural methods to help you become proficient in English. We introduce you to characters who show you how English is used in real-life situations. You'll see, hear and practise interesting conversations. You'll learn everyday vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation. By imitating native speakers, you'll learn to speak English FLUENTLY.

Understanding and enthusiasm will replace confusion and fear. Once you begin to converse successfully, your confidence and enthusiasm will take over like never before and the possibilities will seem endless.

Practical English Conversations with AudioMate consists:

- 300 Practical English Conversations
- 3 Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
- AudioMate (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
- AudioMate Set for your iPod/MP3/CD player

Practical English Conversations with AudioMate Features :

•Practical conversations for everyday life situations
•American English
•2 language skills: listening and speaking
•User-friendly navigation
•Each level contains 100 conversations (total of 300 conversations)
•Topic-based study
•Ability to watch, listen, play, and stop conversations at any point
•Ability to rewind each sentence and a repeat function
•Very wide range of topics and conversations
•AudioMate offers: Conversations, Slow Down, Listening Comprehension Questions, Activities, Idioms Flashcards, Keywords and Phrases, Make it Personal

AUDIOMATE SET ....Learn on the go with your iPod/MP3/CD player

Learn and Reinforce
Learn English on your computer and reinforce on the go with AudioMate.

AudioMate supports what you’ve learned from Lessons For Life - English
software, enhancing your experience anywhere you take your CD or MP3 player!

Convenience and Flexibility… Learn on the go
Take your learning on the go AudioMate whenever and wherever you want.
Just load your lists onto your MP3 player and you are ready to continue your
learning while you travel, at the gym, or just on the go.

Understand and Practice
Understand what you hear and speak naturally and correctly on a wide range
of subjects.

Speak Naturally & Improve your Pronunciation
Mimic native speakers. Listen and practice keywords, phrases, idioms, sentences,
and conversations at different speeds.

AudioMate is made from a list of MP3 files
Play AudioMate on your iPod/MP3/CD player or on your computer.

Topics Include:

Grammar lessons - part 1

  • •The English Alphabet
    •Days and Months
    •Weather and Time
    •Parts of the Body
    •The Future
    •Family Relations
    •Learning English
    •Food and Drink
    •Job Applications
    •The Arts
    •Public Speaking
    •Countries and Nationalities
    ...and many more


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Vista, XP, ME, 2000; 
Intel Pentium/Celeron/AMD/Similar 667 MHz or faster processor; 128 MB RAM; 
800x600 resolution; sound card; DVD-ROM drive or USB drive; 
100MB free hard disk space when disc used or 1GB hard drive for digital download


School Orders & Prices

Australian schools may purchase on 14 day account.
Email your school order directly to: order@englishsoftware.com.au

International schools are required to prepay by credit card.
Email your school order directly to: order@englishsoftware.com.au

If required, see more ordering information here. Thank you.

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Site Licences

2-10 computers
11-20 computers
21+ computers

$110.00 ea
$10.00 ea

$90.00 ea

Licensed per pc.
Perpetual & non-transferrable license.

This program does not network.

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