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As someone who doesn’t speak English as first language but lives in an environment demanding English skills, learning English has been a challenge. Lessons for Life became one of my ways to answer that challenge.

Lessons for Life provides all essential English materials and grammar with various exercises and tests, formed in units. The support navigation is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Lessons for Life consists of a lot of examples happen in daily life that users could practice right away.

A well-packaged English learning software, never got me bored because the exercises are so fun to do. The support in Bahasa Indonesia is nicely done, it’s very helpful for beginner users. Anything spoken in this software is very clear and easy to understand, I especially love the feature that allows users to click every word on the unit page and listen to the right pronunciation, it’s a great support for non-native English speakers.

The subtitles give a deeper understanding, but the font isn’t very suitable and hard to read long pieces. You need to use the text maximize function to read longer subtitled translations. The user interface is simple,it needs to be more eye-catching and modern.

Lessons for Life has all materials from the basic ones until the advanced and covers educational and business purposes. It’s a good investment for a long time English learning.