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Sol  T.  (English Teacher)

Sol T. (English Teacher)

Lessons For Life – ENGLISH is definitely a very complete software to work with in class. It takes you on a virtual tour of the English language and covers a wide range of topics, integrating various activities.

One of the tools I will certainly use a lot with my students is Audiomate. It allows them to listen to audio that sounds natural and authentic and thereby learn new idioms and common phrases that native speakers use. Of course there is some room for improvement, and the program could have a more modern design, but it is intuitive enough to make you overlook those details.

The different exercises and tests that it includes, alongside with the games it incorporates make Lessons For Life a great toolbox for all EFLteachers. If you’re teaching an FCE preparatory course, the Practical Grammar Activities section proves great practice for the exam, since the intermediate and advanced levels cover most grammar points included in the test. Students will find that they have access to many different types of activities and games, such as puzzles, tables, charts, and crosswords, among many others. Not to mention that they will feel encouraged by the audio every time they complete an exercise correctly and hear a well done! every time they do so.

I would undoubtedly recommend Lessons for Life as a companion to any EFL class curriculum.

*EFL – English as a foreign language
*FCE – The First Certificate Exam