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Paka T.

Paka T.

Lessons For Life is an easy to use English language software . The contents are practical as most subjects are related to our daily life. What I like the most is that users will get to learn the daily conversation that people actually use, not something out of old English text book.

You can choose the content from beginner, intermediate or advanced level, based on your English background and your interest, and can go back and forth or repeat specific topic as many times as you want. Each conversation is clearly pronounced, and the software has good voice quality. Subtitles are also provided so it’s very easy to follow.

Activities part help to test your understanding about grammar and some will teach about American etiquette. In advanced level, you might be required to type in your answers in some activities rather than choosing from available choices. This software will not only teach you about English conversation and grammar, but also about the cultural aspect which is something we cannot find from text book.

Practical English Grammar or Practical English Conversation sections are also available for you to improve specific skills.

AudioMate allows you to listen to conversations while doing other things. There is a “slow down version” in case you can’t follow the normal pace. I find this very useful, especially for beginner.

There are also fun games to play. Hangman and Memory game are quite fun to play with young children.