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When I used this software for the first time, I was amazed at how broad the learning topic is. I could find any topic from the simplest to the heaviest. Besides, all those topics suit their labelled level. Learning topics for beginner level begins with some basic materials such as alphabets and numbers, while learning topics for advanced level begins with materials related to job interview or job application.

In my opinion, this software highlights the importance of listening in learning a language, as all the instructions are presented in audio with transcriptions. In my opinion, the best way to learn language for the first time is by listening. Thus it is very effective to present the instructions in audio and transcriptions.

The conversations presented in this software are also very practical, the words used in the conversations are not exaggerated that the conversations appear to be natural.

For those who want to learn English for specific purpose, the conversation materials in this software might be suitable resources.

Asides from conversation practice, this software also presents grammar activities for writing practice. There is an example above the questions, to explain how the users should write the answers, which is very helpful. Personally, I love how detail the example is.

Overall, this software is a good learning resources to learn English for teens to adults.