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M  Yesilyurt

M Yesilyurt

Lessons for Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Turkish Speakerssoftware allows me to learn Practical English without going abroad or having to register for a course. I would like to express some of my views why I prefer this English language program:

-The interface looks a bit old, but the audios in Turkish and English very good. Turkish menus are making very easy to use.
-I do master the entire interface in 15 minutes.
-When I enter each section, you can listen to the contents of that section in summary. So it’s easy to decide where to start.

-The contents of the program are very professionally prepared. Even if I study for hours, my mind remains fresh.
-Generated content is very fun and educational to use.
-Short sketches were prepared in the program. If I don’t understand the conversation ongoing, I can listen to Turkish version of that conversation. Also, I am able to follow the conversations from the subtitle section.
-Each Unit has its own scenarios and tests. Tests sections are indispensable to make me sure that I learned that unit.
-For a break, I can open and play the games offered by the program frominternet browser.
-Games also are designed to contribute to your English.

Installing the program to the pc:
-The program is very simple to install. I was able to start using the program within few minutes.