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M  Yesil

M Yesil

I used this program to learn English on my own at home. It is worth the money. I can learn English as if practicing without choking into grammar and rules. I would like to express some of my views on the program that made me prefer this program.

-The contents of the program are very professionally prepared. Even if you study for hours, your mind remains fresh.
-Generated content is very fun and educational to use.
-The program has short sketches with frequent conversations. You can follow the conversation from the subtitle section.
-Each Unit has its own scenarios and tests. Tests sections are indispensable to make sure you learned that unit.
-If you get exhausted there are educational games the program offers that can play from the web browser.

-The interface looks a bit outdated but certainly does not interfere with use. I do master the entire interface within few minutes.
-When you enter each section, you can listen to the contents of that section in summary. So it’s easy to decide where to start.

Installing the program to the pc:
-The program is very simple to install. You can start using it in minutes.

My rate will be 4.5 stars. Half star is only for slightly outdated interface. The rest is perfect.