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Eliane R.

Eliane R.

The language learning software Lessons for Life offers a great number of features like audio, grammar, conversations, and interactive English games. The software includes 3 different levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for every section. This helps because the user can test themselves to check what level are they and aim to finish all levels to achieve the best language knowledge.

Lessons for Life is a great example of a straightforward English language app and It is really simple to use.

This software contains 5 different modules:
• Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels offer extensive interactive learning materials and activities. Units are topic based which makes it easy to choose the area of study you want to study. Each unit offers relevant practical conversations from real life situations to enhance the learning material.
• AudioMate is designed to improve the user fluency in English. It focuses on listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. This module presents conversations, spoken by different people so the user can learn naturally different accents and different environments.
• Practical English Grammar is designed to improve the user grammar, by practicing and revising the language in an exciting way. This module offers 2 parts.
• Practical English Conversations enables users to improve their conversation and listening through real-life dialogues in different environments. Offers 3 levels.
• Interactive English Games help the users to improve memory, vocabulary, and spelling skills. All three games are a fun way to learn and improve your language skills.
A negative point about this software is the design and some of the images look bit old.

In conclusion this software is very helpful for users who want to learn English.