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SuperSpell Grammar 2

Ages 11 to Adult Dual WIN/MAC CD

$49.95 - home version

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SuperSpell Grammar 2 - teaches grammar rules and vocabulary for ages 11 to adult SuperSpell Grammar 2 is an easy-to-use program, that teaches grammar rules and vocabulary at an interest level designed for upper primary to secondary students.

It provides exercises with text and explanations that can be spoken out loud by the computer. There are explanations on parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure and the use of grammar. This is followed by interactive lessons.

Teachers can create student class file, so they can be accessed and saved as students work through the program. Results can be printed.

Students are rewarded with the option to play a fun game once they have obtained 100 points within the lessons.

SuperSpell Grammar 2 Features:

  • Developed by Australian teachers
  • Over 190 grammar activities
  • Easy to navigate lesson plans
  • Each activity has an instruction with Australian speech
  • Each activity has an explanation of the particular grammar rule
  • Strong graphical and sound reinforcement within each activity

Because of its simple design, Australian content, words presented in context sentences and spoken text, SuperSpell Grammar 2 is ideal to use with ESL students and for remedial literacy.

SuperSpell Grammar Includes:

Nouns - Common, proper, collective and abstract nouns; forming nouns; the number, case and gender of nouns.

Pronouns - Personal, possessive, relative, interrogative, demonstrative, reflexive, emphatic, indefinite and distributive pronouns; the number, person, gender and case of pronouns.

Adjectives - Descriptive, proper, possessive, distributive, interrogative, demonstrative, numeral and indefinite adjectives, forming adjectives, degrees of comparison.

Adverbs - Adverbs of time, place, manner and degree, interrogative and modal adverbs, degrees of comparisons.

Verbs - Using verbs, agreement of subject and verb; verb tense; present and past participles and irregular verbs.

Articles, Conjunctions & Prepositions - Articles, coordinate, subordinate and correlative conjunctions; confusing prepositions.

Punctuation - Capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamations, commas, colons, semicolons, speech marks, apostrophes.

Sentences - Phrases, clauses, simple compound and complex sentences.

Extra resources included with SuperSpell School Versions:

The School Version, Lab Packs and Site Licences of SuperSpell Grammar 2 include an extra CD with 320 printable worksheets on parts of speech, punctuation and sentence structure.
The layout of each worksheet is designed for easy student use. Answers to all worksheets are included on the CD.

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International schools are required to prepay by credit card.
Download order form and return to: order@englishsoftware.com.au
Or order on-line here.

If required, see more ordering information here. Thank you.

 Type    $AUS
School Version   $79.95 Includes CD and Worksheets on CD
Lab Packs 5 CD Lab $219.95 Includes 5 CDs and Worksheets on CD.
Site Licences

10 users
15 users
20 users
Unlimited Site Lic.
Extra CDs

Extra Worksheets CD


Includes CD, licence & Worksheets on CD.

Extra CDs available with Licences.
Additional worksheet CDs


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