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Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary Software

Software for kids, schools, students, teachers and home use.
Listed alphabetically. Click on 'more information' to get details on each program.

 Phonics Alive! 3 - The Speller

Phonics Alive! 3, the Speller - Teaches and explains Australian spelling and pronunciation.

An Australian spelling and pronunciation program.
Traditional spelling rules are explained and actively taught. Lessons are followed by interactive practice activities, exercises and games.
It's bright, motivational, fun and highly educational. [More information]

Ages 8 to Adult Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD

 Phonics Alive! 4 - Grammar

Phonics Alive! 4 Grammar - Learn grammar rules, concepts and word classes.  Australian software.

Learn grammar and have fun through fourteen interactive, stimulating and entertaining modules.
Grammar rules, concepts and word classes are explained, followed by practice activities and interactive games. [More information]

Ages 8 to Adult Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD

Spelling Fusion

$176 schools / $88 home

Spelling Fusion - Spelling program for adults and ESL students. Australian Spelling Program for older students, adults and English as a Second Language learners!

Spelling Fusion is a brand new, interactive multimedia program that teaches and tests spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation.
[More information and on-line demonstration]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

SuperSpell - A Day at the Beach

$79.95 school version / $49.95 home 
SuperSpell, A Day at the Beach - Australian spelling software

Develop spelling, reading, grammar and vocabulary building skills.
Seven spelling activities including 3,200 words in sentences and full speech capabilities. 160 word lists on the CD or create your own word lists. Printable worksheets available with the 'School Version'.
[More information and pictures]

Ages 7 up Australian Software Dual MAC CD / WIN CD 95/98/XP

SuperSpell - Assessment Disk

$79.95 school version / $49.95 home
SuperSpell, Assessment Disk - Australian spelling software

For the first time ever students are able to independently assess their stage of spelling development.
The Assessment Disk is to be used with SuperSpellís Day at the Beach. [More information]

Ages 7 up Australian Software Dual MAC CD / WIN CD 95/98/XP

 SuperSpell Grammar 1

$79.95 school version / $49.95 home

SuperSpell Grammar 1 -  Teaches Australian grammar skills An Australian program for primary school students.
Contains interactive learning activities on nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, punctuation, phrases, clauses and sentences.
Questions and explanations can be read out loud by computer. Work presented in context sentences. Easy to navigate. [More information]

Ages 7 to 12 Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD

 SuperSpell Grammar 2

$79.95 school version / $49.95 home
SuperSpell Grammar 2 - learn grammar, Ages 11 to adult

Interactive lessons to teach grammar rules and extend vocabulary for upper primary to secondary students.

Very easy-to-use. Provides exercises with text and explanations including parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure and the use of grammar. This is followed by more interactive lessons. [More information]

Ages 11 to Adult Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD


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