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SpinOut Stories

Ages 10 to 15 Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD
RED or BLUE series available.

$143 - RED Series

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$143 - BLUE Series

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SpinOut Stories Blue - Australian software for struggling students, reading literacy, boys literacy and indigenous students.SpinOut Stories are collections of high interest stories and related activities especially designed to appeal to upper primary and lower secondary students who are still struggling with literacy

SpinOut Stories are a mixture of informative nonfiction and interesting fiction on CD-ROM, accompanied by printed books of each story.

They especially suitable for boys, Indigenous Australians, ESL and adult students who require motivation and stories of interest to develop their reading skills.

The stories are presented in three levels of difficulty. Students can read the stories, or have the computer read them out loud. There are extra activities and lessons relating to each story which develop reading, writing and spelling skills.

Hard covered books of each story are included with the software.

Reading success for indigenous students.  Aboriginal students are learning how to read with Spinout Stories.  Click here to read review.Reading Success for Indigenous Students

Aboriginal students are learning how to learn with 'Saltwater Crocodiles' - one of the stories from Spinout Stories - Blue Series.

To read comprehensive teachers' reviews on SpinOut Stories, please click here.

Terrific topics for boys!

Screen shot from the story "Shark Ride Bay" from the Red Series.There is a need to improve boys' literacy skills throughout Australia. SpinOut Stories have been designed with boys in mind!

SpinOut Stories includes stories about mechanics, surfing, gorillas, diesels, sharks and crocodiles - all aimed to encourage boys to read, communicate and enjoy the learning process.

Develop Reading, Listening and General Knowledge:

  • Students can read individual words, whole pages and entire stories spoken in a clear, recorded voice, while visually tracking the written text. Each word is highlighted as it is spoken.
  • Each story is available at three levels of difficulty, allowing the student to start at a suitably easy level and progress in gentle stages through to more demanding words and sentence constructions.
  • At the highest level, the software includes an optional hypertext facility, allowing the student to click on key words (shown in blue) and on picture hot-spots (bringing up extended information on the selected subject, with web-like links to still more information.)

Go to top of pageImprove Writing, Editing, Spelling, Sentence Construction:

  • Write & Edit: Students can also write their own versions of the stories and print the results.
  • Extension Activities: including spelling and word-recognition and comprehension:
    • Concentration Games
    • Cloze Exercises
    • Jigsaws
    • Ladders
    • Quizzes
    • Word Square Puzzles
  • Using an optional user log-in system, teachers can tailor the package to the needs of individual students or whole classes.
  • A tracking facility is also available, allowing the teacher to see which features have been used by which students, and for how long.
  • Spinout Stories include a comprehensive manual, and worksheets that may be photocopied.
  • Printed books of each story are included with the software.
  • Click here to read teachers' reviews on Spinout Stories

Screen shot from the story "Diesels & Dirt" from the  Blue Series.  A cloze exercise.The RED Series includes the following four stories and exercises:

  • The Gorilla Gang - dreams - fiction
  • Dream to Stay Alive - dreams - information
  • Shark-Ride Bay - surfing - fiction
  • The Surf Shop - surfing - narrative
  • Exercise include:
    • Cloze - reading with comprehension
    • Word Square - word recognition
    • Quiz - comprehension

Screen shot from the story "Saltwater Crocodiles" from the Blue Series.The BLUE Series includes the following four stories and exercises:

  • The Best Mechanic - large machines - fiction
  • Diesels and Dirt - large machines - informative
  • Reptile Zoo - crocodiles - narrative
  • Saltwater Crocodiles - crocodiles - informative
  • Exercise include:
    • Jigsaw and concentration games - word recognition
    • Word Ladders - building vocabulary


SpinWorks included for FREE!

SAVE $55.00!
SpinWorks is a simple, effective worksheet generator and is included on the SpinOut Stories CD for FREE

See SpinWorks

FREE SpinWorks included! Value - $55!

Also included in each pack is a copy of SpinWorks, is a powerful teacher’s helper that turns any of the SpinOut Stories, PM Story Books, Fitzroy Talking Readers or any text file into a set of worksheets in seconds

SpinWorks is a teacher utility that produces printed worksheets such as
sequencing sentences • Cloze exercises • scrambled sentences • missing letter exercises • word square puzzles • word lists.


System Requirements

Designed for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
Minimum 32 MB of RAM & about 10 MB of hard disk space for a normal installation. A CD drive required to install software. After a normal install, the CD is also required whenever the Spinout Stories software is run, so the computer in question must have a CD drive. Computers accessing a network installation do not require a CD-drive. Sound card & speakers (or headphones) are essential. Windows users need WIN 95 (minimum), 98, 2000, XP or NT. Macintosh users need MAC OS 7.5 or later. MAC OS X compliant.

School Orders & Prices

Australian schools may purchase on 14 day account.
Email your school order directly to: order@englishsoftware.com.au
order on-line here.

International schools are required to prepay by credit card.
Download order form and return to: order@englishsoftware.com.au
Or order on-line here.

If required, see more ordering information here. Thank you.

 Type    $AUS

CD with 4 books in each series


Extra copies of books





Includes 1 WIN/MAC CD and a hard copies of each book in the series.

Select from Red or Blue Series as each series is sold separately.

Extra copies of each hard-covered books are are available with the CD @ $5 each.

Site Licences

Full Site Licence


Per Series. Select from Red or Blue.
A Full Site Licence includes 2 copies of the CD which can be copied onto any, or all of the computers in your school!

And SpinWorks is included for FREE!

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