English Software.  Australian literacy software programs to help you read, spell, improve grammar, write and communicate in English English Software. Software to help you read, write and communicate in English - English as a Second Language, spelling, grammar, writing, adult literacy and maths software programs
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We supply homes and schools with interactive, educational Australian software to help you read, write and communicate in English.


Learn to speak English with Connected Speech, Australian or EyeSpeak EnglishDo you want to improve your English pronunciation?

Improve the way you speak so that you are understood and feel more confident communicating in English.

Try two of the most popular English pronunication programs in Australia:

Connected Speech, Australian Version [details here]

EyeSpeak English
[details here]


Lessons for Life English Software - learn English in your own languageESL Students Enjoy Learning English

Lessons for Life English programs guide you to learn English with assistance in your own language. Suitable for homes, schools, universities and business people.


Adults improve reading, spelling and grammar skills

Software to help adults learn to read and improve spelling and grammar. Are you are a secondary student or an adult who would like to improve your reading, spelling and grammar skills? Now is the time to take action!

We have software programs that are interactive and easy to use, so you can work at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.

Adult Literacy Software

Improve reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary with English Software.

Australian reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary software

If you want to improve your child's reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills, we have a large variety of the most popular Australian software programs for homes and schools.


Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading software

Improve spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills with fun, interactive, educational programs - here


Develop reading and comprehension - here




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Speak with Confidence

Art of Communicating - public speaking and speak with confidence courses, resources and training.

Learn public speaking and impromptu speaking skills.

Gain self confidence,
career opportunities and business development.



Lowercase Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard stickers for children and esl learners to use on computer keyboards

Assist children and ESL adults to navigate the computer and increase learning with easily recognizable, lowercase stickers for their computer keyboards. [More]



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