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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? We are happy to help you!
Please send your message to: info@englishsoftware.com.au

Q. What is a 'School Version'?

A. Software 'school versions' are for use in academic institutions. As schools can have many students access the software on one computer, most Australian software manufacturers produce a 'school version' to allow multiple students to record their details and records of achievements.

Some school versions contain extra teacher's resources, such as lesson plans, worksheets and/or blackline masters, which can be photocopied and used in the classroom.

Also, some School Versions also contain TWO copies of the software for use on two computers. You can check this by going to the bottom of each page on our web site to see the school prices listed with definitions of what's included.

Q. Why does my school need a 'Site Licence'?

A. Each software program is licenced for one computer only. If you are running the same program on multiple computers, you need a Site Licence. The Licence agreement will allow you to copy software onto multiple computers within your school site or campus. The computers may be networked or stand-alone computers.
Site licence prices for schools are listed at the bottom of each page on our web site. Check the 'definition' area to see if the site licence includes software, or is a paper licence only.

If you need assistance in understanding your requirements, please send us an email.

Q. Can you suggest programs to help with basic literacy skills, as well as English as a Second Language?Phonics Alive - english literacy and suitable for ESL, schools and home software

A. Please look at the following Australian software suggestions:

  • Phonics Alive! 1 :- Introduces letters and sounds of the English language, sound/symbol relationships, sound discrimination and single sound blending. The School Version includes extensive worksheets and teacher's resources.
    Phonics Alive 2, the Sound Blender - teaches English literacy and suitable for ESL students at school or home.
  • Phonics Alive! 2, The Sound Blender :- Teaches blending of sounds, all forms of digraphs, diphthongs, silent letters, suffixes and assists students to decode previously unknown words. The School Version also includes wonderful worksheets and teacher's resources which extend and reinforce lessons in the classroom.

    SpinWorks - school English software - worksheet generator for teachers and schools.
  • SpinWorks - SpinWorks is a small worksheet generator which teachers can apply to all key learning areas. Most teachers love it because it is so easy to make simple cloze exercises, missing word exercises, vocabulary lists, sequencing sentences, missing letter exercises and word square puzzles. It comes with a FREE site licence for only $55 - so you can use SpinWorks on all the computers in your school!






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