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Interactive Picture Dictionary

Ages 7 to Adult Australian software WIN CD

$77- home version WIN CD ROM

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$77- home version DOWNLOAD 75MB

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Interactive Picture Dictionary for ESL and Adult Literacy learners.  - English as a Second Language.  Australian Software.Interactive Picture Dictionary is a very popular Australian program for English as a second language and adult literacy learners.

It will teach and test you on the vocabulary and spelling over over 800 English words. (Australian)

Customise the program by adding word lists (singular and plural word, context sentence, number of syllables per word). The program automatically generates the exercises for filling in the missing letters, typing the words from memory and the appropriate spoken feedback.


"The Interactive Picture Dictionary makes good use of sound and photos and is simple to operate."
Anne Glover,
Your Computer

"Fantastic graphics, easily identified by learners of all ages. Excellent, top of the rating for user friendliness."
A Culshaw-Kaisa,
Literacy WorksNZ

"The graphic interface makes navigation easy and verbal and visual clues will assist the students when using the dictionary." Barbara Combes, Educ Dept WA

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Features and Exercises to Help You Learn English

  • The Interactive Picture Dictionary includes spelling tests and vocabulary recognition tests for every topic.

  • A photo or graphic for each word is included.

  • Australian pronunciation

  • Spoken & written context sentence & three spelling activities for each of the singular and plural word forms

  • Type missing letters;

  • Word from memory;

  • Type word in new context sentences; and

  • Number of syllables per word as an aid for pronunciation.

  • To see examples of exercises, please click here


Eight Categories with Various Word Groups:

The House: Bathroom, Bedroom, Crockery, Cutlery, Kitchen, Laundry, Lounge, Outside, Toilet.

Places: Accommodation, Cities and States (Australian!), School, Tourist Spots, Transport and Where is it.

Food: Drink, Fruit, Ingredients, Meals, Meat, Prepared Food, Vegetables.

People: Clothes, Days and Months, How Often, Occupations, Sports, The Body, The Car, and The Family

Interactive Picture Dictionary - English as a Second Language software programMaterials: Colours, Materials, Shapes and Tools

Nature: Animals, Australian Animals, Insects, Plants, Seasons

Verbs: Irregular and Regular

Interactive Picture Dictionary - screen shot.  ESL software

Your Own Word Lists: Customise the program by adding your own word lists (singular and plural words, context sentences & number of syllables per word). Exercises automatically generated.



See screen shots of interactive picture dictionaryScreen Shots - Examples of Exercises

To see examples of exercises, please click here



System Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8;
  • 486-66 and 8 MB RAM minimum;
  • VGA display with 256 colours;
  • Double speed CD ROM or better;
  • Sound card with speakers or headphones

School Orders
Australian schools may purchase on 14 day account. FAX all School Orders to (02) 9453 9266.
Alternatively, you may send an order on-line, or download a school order form. Thank you.

International schools are required to prepaid by cheque, direct deposit or credit card please.
Click here to see ordering details. Thank you.


 Type    Prices $AUS
Home / Student Single   $77.00

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School Single   $154.00 1 WIN CD ROM
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