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EyeSpeak English
Premium Edition

Ages 10 to Adult - WIN CD

$165 / for 2 users

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EyeSpeak English - Listen Speak Learn English.  Improve pronunciation and communication and speaking skills.Improve Pronunciation and Communication Skills

EyeSpeak English software is designed to improve your pronunciation in English and enhance your communication skills.

EyeSpeak uses special visual feedback that allows you to clearly see what you are saying. You no longer need to guess what you have said!

Listen, speak and learn through EyeSpeak's visual feedback helping you develop the language skills needed for everyday English communication.

EyeSpeak English teaches through carefully designed content. Words, sentences and conversational role plays are introduced in a logical teaching format.


EyeSpeak English - The ultimate in English language learning software.

Eyespeak English by Eyespeak - English pronunciation example.  Click here to see more screen imagesEyeSpeak English is for the beginner to advanced learner of English, with over 300 hours of training and 6000+ exercises based around words, sentences, vocabulary and real life language role plays.

You will improve your English for business, travel, education and social events.


EyeSpeak uses native speakers of English and everyday language to develop your English pronunciation, listening, comprehension and English vocabulary skills easily and naturally.


Improve your spoken English by using EyeSpeak's clear speech recognition to compare your speech with a native speaker. Helping you to learn English by letting you see what you have said!

View dynamic feedback to learn how to improve your English sounds. Compare your speech to that of your native teacher using visual mouth diagrams, wave form diagrams and audio recordings.


Key Features

  • Australian accent
  • Speech recognition for accent perfection
  • 6,000+ exercises of words, sentences, role plays and sound lessons
  • An average of 300+ hours of instructions depending on your level of learning
  • A balanced curriculum including listening, vocabulary and sound exercises.
  • Includes a 28 page training manual.
  • Structured content teaches vocabulary and listening skills
  • Progress reports, exercises, and assessment tests for every level of learning.
  • Automated suggested lessons
  • Dictionary guide

Topics You'll Learn:

  • Greetings and conversations
  • Office language and terminology
  • Travel, transportation, and transactions
  • Sentence stress or rhythm of speech
  • Consonant to vowel linking
  • Pitch, timing and stress of speech.
  • Shopping and eating out
  • Tag questions; forms of address
  • Contrasting alternatives
  • Tune into TV
  • Health/medical
  • Dates, times and numbers
  • Educational themes

The students were able to work both independently or through a series of tasks set by myself. This program has benefited students from all nationalities in my class... [more]

My teachers have told me that my pronunciation has improved and I feel pleased with the results.[more]

ELC has been using the EyeSpeak pronunciation software with great success since 2003. Our students feel comfortable using technology such as PCs and demand increasing personalisation in their learning experience to maximise their return on investment. They enjoy using... [more]

English language pronunciation learning is a very individual experience for students from different cultures and different levels of ability.

The creators of EyeSpeak English have taken a new approach that provides visual feedback on how each student compares with English native speakers of their choice.

This gives a choice of male or female speakers, various speech styles, and a range of accents to ensure the learning experience is relevant to individual students.

Problems with individual sounds, especially those that are known to cause difficulties for speakers of particular languages, are identified. Immediate feedback shows the extent of confusion between similar sounds, and gives succinct, practical advice on how to improve.


Great for Schools and Teachers

EyeSpeak English clearly gives a competitive advantage to your school and increases the success rate of your students. It is user-friendly software that helps you to prepare lesson plans more efficiently and easily, enabling you to focus on each student's specific pronunciation problems. [Teachers / School Version - more information]

Essential for Students

EyeSpeak English enables you to improve your English pronunciation at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home without the embarrassment or frustration felt in the classroom.
[Students / Home Version - more information]


System Requirements:
Windows: VISTA, XP, 2003, 2000, Me, NT, 98; 800 MHz (minimum) processor; 256 MB RAM; 640x480 (16 bit colour); Quad Speed CD-ROM; Sound Card; 400 MB of available disc space. Windows compatible headset and microphone.
Macintosh: Not available.

School Orders & Prices

Australian schools may purchase on 14 day account.
Email your school order directly to: order@englishsoftware.com.au
order on-line here.

International schools are required to prepay by credit card.
Download order form and return to: order@englishsoftware.com.au
Or order on-line here.

If required, see more ordering information here. Thank you.

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  $275.00 Network ready CD & manual - multiple users on 1 computer
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