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Connected Speech - Australian Version

Ages 10 to Adult Australian Software

$99 - WIN CD ROM

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$99 - DOWNLOAD Version (580MB)

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Connected Speech - Australian English versionConnected Speech Australian Version is an interactive multimedia program designed for ESL / EFL learners who want to improve the effectiveness of their spoken communication in Australian-English.

There is a growing recognition of the need for explicit pronunciation teaching for English language learners and Connected Speech is the answer.

Three Levels of English

Connected Speech includes three levels of English language from lower intermediate to advanced English, on the one CD.

This is the Australian-English version and is suitable for all ESL students and schools in Australia and Asia Pacific.

There are also Northern American or British English versions of Connected Speech. If you require information on these, please contact us.

Speaking and Being Understood

Connected Speech changes your intonation so your speech sounds much more natural to an English speaker.

This program focuses on the 'song' of English - how we link words, word and sentence stress, how and where we change pitch and how and where we pause. If you can do that, you will sound more natural and much easier to understand. Not only will your words be understood, so will your meaning.

How is Connected Speech different from other Pronunciation Resources?

  • It is based on the natural, informal and unscripted speech that English language learners are exposed to in everyday life.

  • Learners are provided with clear, context-specific visual and auditory feedback on their spoken production. This is unlike most other pronunciation programs where the onus for interpretation is placed on the learner.

  • It provides a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning the essential skills required for the ESL learner to clearly and effectively express themselves and to more easily comprehend spoken English.

  • And finally, for the first time learners see how the theoretical aspects of pronunciation are applied to natural spoken language.

Take a look at Connected Speech

See on-line demonstration of Connected SpeechClick here to take an on-line tour of Connected Speech.


To see screen shots, please click here.


Connected Speech, Australian English Version. Improve your English pronunciation, speaking and communication skills.English Speaking, Pronunciation and Communication Features:

Using extended passages of natural speech and structured activities, Connected Speech focuses on pause groups, pitch change or intonation, word and sentence stress, linking, syllables and the IPA, and their importance to understanding, and being understood, in spoken English.

To see examples of screen shots and exercises in Connected Speech. Click here

How You Improve Your English with Connected Speech:

  • Connected Speech brings together the theory of English pronunciation and the practice of natural speech.

  • There are nine speakers with a range of speaking styles.

  • Six modules include:
    Pause Groups,
    Sentence Stress
    Pitch Change,
    Syllables and Word Stress,
    International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

  • There are 27 video clips with optional transcripts and hot words, providing interesting, relevant and thought-provoking source material which learners analyse and later imitate.

  • Activities are based on extended passages of natural speech. All activities may be done in Learn or Test Mode and they may be also printed as worksheets.

  • Over 300 hours of interactive language and pronunciation activities.

  • There are 18 comprehensive Tutorials that clearly demonstrate the importance of each of the pronunciation skills covered in Connected Speech.

  • Tutorials, speech recording feedback and test results may be printed.

  • 36 additional exercises, with tests for skills consolidation.

  • Connected Speech is Australian made, easy to use, effective and highly interactive.

System Requirements:

  • Multimedia computer with Windows® (Windows Me, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8).
  • Recommended hardware, processor and RAM for your version of Windows®.
  • Microphone, speakers/headphones.
  • Install program only: 40 MB hard disk space.
  • Install program and copy CDROM to hard disk (multi-user licences only): 640 MB

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International schools are required to prepay by credit card.
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