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The Alphabet - International Version 5.1

Ages 5 to Adult Australian software

$52.50 - home version WIN CD ROM

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$52.50 - home version DOWNLOAD 105 MB

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The Alphabet - International Version - teaches the names and sounds of the letters of the English alphabet - Suitable for adult English learners and English as a second language.The Alphabet - International Version teaches the names & sounds of the letters of the English alphabet.

It is suitable for Adult English learners, remedial literacy and beginners learning English as a second language.

Designed and produced in Australia, The Alphabet encourages you to take an active role in your own learning development.



Video Demo - click hereClick here to see an on-line demonstration of The Alphabet

Note: in the example, the American accent is chosen. However, this program provides four accents from which to choose:- Australian, American, British and Canadian


See on-line demonstration of Connect Speech
The Alphabet 2, international version - Learn the sounds and letters of the alphabet - click here to see screen shotsTo see screen shots and sample exercises, click here.





"This program offers learners an excellent means of learning the alphabet at their own pace. Highly recommended."
Karen Bryant, Interchange.

"I have watched a young middle-eastern woman who has never been to school, teach herself the strange shapes, sounds and names of the Roman alphabet... and all of this using a computer!"
Pam McKean, Vatime Newsletter

Benefits for English as a Second Language Learners

Presented on CD ROM, with manual and workbook, The Alphabet facilitates the acquisition of a range of skills and knowledge relating to the alphabet, and upon successful completion of the 30 units, the learner will have demonstrated:

  • Recognition of the sight-sound relationships of upper and lower case letters,
  • The ability to match upper, lower and mixed case letters,
  • Knowledge of alphabetical order,
  • The ability to copy letters and words,
  • Familiarity with the keyboard,
  • The ability to spell words from memory
  • graded spelling activities for skill revision

New Features include:

  • Student recording - Students can use a microphone to record all letter names, sounds and words.
  • Sounds as well as names of letters
  • Pictures of objects that begin with the target sound for each letter
  • FOUR accents included - American, British, Canadian and Australian English - on the one CD!

The Alphabet Version 2 - International Version - English as a Second Language Software for Adults and English Learners

Pictures to Match Words

High quality graphics are included for each word and a workbook is included with exercises to consolidate each skill.


System Requirements:

  • Multimedia computer with Windows® (NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7)
  • Recommended hardware, processor and RAM for your version of Windows®
  • Microphone optional
  • Installation: 185 MB

School Orders
Australian schools may purchase on 14 day account. FAX all School Orders to (02) 9453 9266.
Alternatively, you may send an order on-line, or download a school order form. Thank you.

International schools are required to prepaid by cheque, direct deposit or credit card please.
Click here to see ordering details. Thank you.


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School Single   $104.50 1 WIN CD
or Download version
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