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Adult Literacy Software

Software for older students and adults to help improve literacy skills. Listed alphabetically.
Click on 'more information' to get details on each program.


$126 schools / $63 home  
CGEA CD ROM - Certificates in General Education for Adults - literacy and numeracy learners

This is an interactive multimedia computer resource for adults to learn literacy and numeracy.
All exercises are based around real-life activities and provide learning, practice and assessment tasks for each of the learning outcomes described in Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the literacy, oracy and numeracy streams of the CGEA. [More information and pictures]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

Interactive Picture Dictionary

$154 schools / $77 home  

Interactive Picture Dictionary - English vocabulary, reading, spelling and comprehension for adults and esl learners This is a very practical way for students to learn English vocabulary, reading, spelling and comprehension. It's easy to use and includes over 800 words, accompanied by over 600 photographs, in 40 categories. Students can test themselves and get immediate feedback. Beginners level. [More information and pictures]

Ages 7 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

 Issues in English 1

$176 schools / $88 home  

Issues in English - Adult literacy and ESLAn interactive multimedia computer program for adult literacy, ESL and EFL learners. Eight topical issues. Self-paced with instant feedback.

Teaches and tests comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and a range of writing skills.
All 4 levels, from Beginner to Advanced, are included on the one CD.
[More information and pictures]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

 Issues in English 2

$198 schools / $99 home  

Issues in English 2 - Adult Literacy and ESL - English as a second language This is the second volume of the Issues in English series, with more than 20 brand new exercises and 8 new issues.

Activities based on video clips of dialogues. Learner voice recording. Over 600 printable worksheets, answer sheets and test results. Learner tracking and reporting and more!

Highly recommended for adults wanting to improve their spelling, grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Includes 4 levels, from Beginner to Advanced. [More information, and on-line demonstration]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

Lower Case Keyboard Stickers

5 sheets for $16.50

Lower case keyboard stickersLower case decals which stick on your computer keyboards.

Help adult ESL students to navigate their computer with lower case stickers for their keyboards. [More Information]

All Schools Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD

 Measuring Up

$126.50 school / $64.00 home  

Measuring Up - Remedial Maths for Adults and ESL studentsMeasuring Up teaches basic numeracy skills for measurement in the fractions, decimals, reading scales and metric units. It is based on real-life applications of measurement in activities such as shopping, sport and cooking.
Measuring Up is suitable for learners at beginner to lower intermediate levels of maths.

It highly recommended for remedial work with older students, as it is designed for secondary students, adult learners and English as a Second Language students
[More information, pictures and on-line demonstration]

Ages 12 to adult Australian WIN CD

Spelling Fusion

$176 schools / $88 home

Spelling Fusion - Spelling program for adults and ESL students. Australian Spelling Program for older students, adults and English as a Second Language learners! Awarded 'Best in Class' - International Training! TBCON eLearning 2007

Spelling Fusion is a brand new, interactive multimedia program that teaches and tests spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation.
[More information and on-line demonstration ]

Ages 12 to Adult Australian Software WIN CD

SpinOut Stories


SpinOut Stories - reading and writing lessons for older students.  Includes CD ROM and story books. Great for boys, indigenous Australians, ESL and older students.

Stories designed especially for struggling readers aged 10 to 15 years.

Contains reading, writing and various extension activities, with fiction and nonfiction stories on CD. Printed story books are included. Subjects include surfing, saltwater crocodiles, heavy machinery, building sites, dreaming etc. [More Information]

Ages 10 to 15 Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD

 Spin Works 2.2


Spin Works - turns text into worksheets for the classroomA great little software tool for Primary teachers! Generate your own worksheets for the classroom - quickly and easily.

SpinWorks includes a FREE Site Licence for your school!

It includes improvements to the Cloze exercises as requested by many teachers, and now also recognises PM Maths text files.
SpinWorks Version 2.2 is now fully Windows XP and Mac OS X compliant.
[More information]

All Teachers Australian Software Dual WIN/MAC CD


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